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Advantages of FVMQ O-rings in the Pump valves industry

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Advantages of FVMQ O-rings in the Pump valves industry

In the Pump valves industry, sealing rings are one of the key components to ensure smooth operation of equipment. FVMQ (fluorine rubber) O-ring seals are very popular in this field for their excellent performance. FVMQ O-rings have the following significant advantages in the pump and valve industry:

1. High temperature resistance: FVMQ O-ring seal can maintain its elasticity and sealing performance in high temperature environments. It is suitable for high temperaturePump valves industry systems and is stable and reliable.

2. Chemical corrosion resistance: Fluorine rubber has excellent chemical stability and can resist the erosion of various chemical media, ensuring long-term stable operation of the sealing system.

3. Excellent oil resistance: FVMQ O ring seals can be used for a long time in oily media such as lubricating oil and grease, are not easy to age, and maintain good sealing performance.

4. Excellent oxidation resistance: Fluorine rubber has high oxidation resistance, can be used in oxygen and ozone environments for a long time, and is not easy to harden or break.

5. Good resistance to compression permanent deformation: FVMQ O ring seal

has excellent resistance to compression permanent deformation, which can maintain its shape and sealing performance for a long time and reduce the risk of leakage caused by sealing ring deformation.

To sum up, FVMQ O ring sealings have become an ideal choice for pump and valve sealing systems in the pump and valve industry due to their excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, oil resistance, oxidation resistance and compression permanent deformation resistance, and provide better equipment operation Stability and security provide reliable guarantee.

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